Saturday, July 25, 2009

Google promises a world "not computer virus"

Internet service America confirmed Operating System Chrome of their upcoming final will eliminate problems in the code (Malware) from mind users.
> Browser not only for browsing.

Technical Director Linus Upson Google describes the magazine New Scientist in a "nirvana without king professional anti-virus" because Chrome OS. "We are re-designed full security architecture in the operating system so that users do not care to deal with viruses, Malware or concern to the update security again", Upson said.

Some blogger comments by Google declared jump gold and "jerky", others to evaluate whether Malware harm the Internet makes them more perfectly. There are also people that should not deride what Google said the product has not yet launched.

The manufacturers like Nvidia hardware, HP, Asus, Acer... that will fully support the operating system OS Chrome. Meanwhile, Google also appears in the press this week because of security vulnerabilities in the browser Chrome.


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