Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google introduced a new Chrome OS

The United States Internet service Google has just confirmed on the blog that they are developing Chrome OS and the first computer using this operating system will appear in coming year.

Nine months after launch, the browser Google Chrome has attracted more than 30 million people regularly use. But according to Google, the operating system which the browsers is working on is designed on the time when web is not yet developed. Therefore, this manufacturer Google introduced project Chrome Operating System to bring a new definition of operating system.

Chrome OS will first start on netbook market. Google is negotiating with partners about the project and will soon work with open code communities for netbooks run Chrome can be sold from the half after 2010.

Speed, the simplicity and security are 3 elements key of this OS. Google's goal is to develop a system fast enough for users to access the Internet only after a few seconds boot. All human activities will take place on web instead of through the softwares installed on desktop as today and they do not have to worry about the risk of virus infection computer anymore.

Chrome OS will run on x86 chip and ARM, is the project not related to Android. Google Android is a platform for mobile devices such as telephones, netbook... Chrome OS will also appear in netbook and advanced desktop systems.

Google currently is the most popular online search engine on the world, when this company introduced Chrome browser last year, users are concerned that if they go the next step - launch the operating system computer, the global information will be controlled and dominated by Google.


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