Friday, September 8, 2017

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

160.000 computers inflects virus everyday in Vietnam

Over 58.6 million PC were reported to be inflected by malwares and this is actually a warning number in national computer security.

57.835 new code just appeared but the most popular virus version is still an old code. "Well-known" conficker worm from the end of 2008, but the most 12 months had over 6,5 million inflected computers accourding to BKAV statistic.

2 new metamorphic Vetor and Sality keep the next top 2 and 3 and becoming an sadness with computers users in Vietnam, for its un-formed ability and get more and more widely (5,9 millions computers).

Bkav analysis the PC virus situation in 2010:

1. Conficker
2. Vetor
3. Sality
4. AutoRunUSB
5. SecretCNC
6. ForeverX
7. CmVirus
8. UpdateUSBA
9. StuxnetQKE
10. X97M.XFSic


The first Mercedes CL500 2011 in Viet Nam

2011 Mercedes CL500 is priced at less than $110,000 overseas.

The coupe 2+2 model of Mercedes was engined V8 435 hp with "toy" package of AMG.

CL500 V8 engine, 4663 cc capacity, the capacity of 435 horsepower at 5250 rpm machine rpm. Use automatic transmission 7G-Tronic seven-level. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, top speed is automatically limited to 250 km/h.

Safety technology "peak" of equipment for Mercedes CL500 include active control of the vehicle body. Besides, antiskid system when accelerating ASR, or electronic vehicle stability ESP. Multi-zone air conditioning, front screen projection function of two different content. CL500 also features speed control with Speedtronic Cruiser Control allows adjustment of the speed restricted area.

CL500 2011 was equipped with LED, large grille with three-pointed star placed in the middle. the new CL500 imported by Mercedes Vietnam equiped AMG sports kit includes front, back, hips facing, brake discs holes, wood steering wheel, AMG pedals, and two pairs of wheels (rims) 19 inches.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Large companies criticized iPad of Apple

Nokia, Nintendo and E-Ink is expressed attitudes are not satisfied with the new product of "Apple".

At product introduction iPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Apple is a company manufacturing mobile devices in the world's largest, surpassing the other big firms such as Samsung, Sony and Nokia. Nokia immediately responded that their own new company's largest mobile and laptop Apple has intentionally to be charged to your mobile device. Besides Nokia also confirmed if the calculated number of mobile products sold, Nokia has always been number 1.

Russ Wilcox, CEO of E-Ink (USA), also commented that electronic books (e-reader) on the market will be selling more iPad for Apple's new device mainly used for recreation and not the best electronic books. Especially when setting the Amazon Kindle product iPad next table shows the new computer "apple" lost in all aspects from design to mass.

Sony only just proved "excited" with Apple products. The airline confirmed that the appearance of iPad will make the product PSP handheld game console selling more. When users reach iPad a time, they will want more products to play a better game so will choose to buy PSP.