Thursday, January 20, 2011

160.000 computers inflects virus everyday in Vietnam

Over 58.6 million PC were reported to be inflected by malwares and this is actually a warning number in national computer security.

57.835 new code just appeared but the most popular virus version is still an old code. "Well-known" conficker worm from the end of 2008, but the most 12 months had over 6,5 million inflected computers accourding to BKAV statistic.

2 new metamorphic Vetor and Sality keep the next top 2 and 3 and becoming an sadness with computers users in Vietnam, for its un-formed ability and get more and more widely (5,9 millions computers).

Bkav analysis the PC virus situation in 2010:

1. Conficker
2. Vetor
3. Sality
4. AutoRunUSB
5. SecretCNC
6. ForeverX
7. CmVirus
8. UpdateUSBA
9. StuxnetQKE
10. X97M.XFSic


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