Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Browsers not just for browsing web

In the past, Webpage is consider as a page containing the data online. Today, users can access to run enterprise applications, the bank account, shopping, make friends, play games...

Software industry is gradually switching to distribution phase as a service (software-as-a-service) instead of sold as packaged products. Therefore, the browser play an important role as a background application, but the demand on the Internet is still increase and the expansion of web services is exceeding the capabilities of a traditional browser.

AJAX, postMessage and other recent improving technology for browsers have not yet reached the rapid and full features as desktop applications. Therefore, both Microsoft and Google have ambitions to build a strong enough program to help the working web-based not meet any difference when compared with using a software installed on computer.

"Everyone has the opinion that the application should be run on operating systems. However, the web application depends on the browser to display information. And the browsers are not built and taken a role as an operating system", the researcher Helen Wang belongs to Systems & Networking part at Microsoft comments.

Helen Wang and colleagues are trying to turn the browser into an operating system to support the tasks for the users on the web. She will introduce the project Gazelle - the operating system of the browser (browser-based OS), or browser has a structure such as an operating system - in Usenix Security Symposium hold on this 08/2009.

In a message posted on the blog yesterday, Google also made a similar point when saying that the operating system that the browser is working on the design from the no web period, they want to define the concept of system by the collaboration with partners such as Acer, Adobe, Asus, HP, Lenovo ... and open code communities to develop Chrome OS.

Analysisists noticed that the Google OS is thing which Microsoft was affraid for long time and this is really a "first threat of Windows", although the level of influence will not too clear in about next 10 years.

Whether Google or Microsoft win in combination browsers - operating system as well as many challenges in the development process, Gazelle and Chrome OS in the long run will change the way people access the applications.

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