Saturday, July 25, 2009

Microsoft confirmed a Mac "for children"

Video manner the two mothers looking for children to buy a system works fast, hard drive capacity and support the game cost $1500. Finally, they choose to install Windows computer instead of Apple's laptop.

Two legs by the staff to showcase Apple products. "Take a look at a Mac because they are quite common in this age", said mother and son to His 11 years old. Find the purchase of laptop gaming. View video.

But when I say, mothers cry price too expensive for the sons also commented that "they quite small". "Perhaps we should choose PC (computer using Windows)", boy said. Finally, they buy Sony Vaio 16 inch screen integrated Blu-ray drive with $900.

This is the third video in the ad campaign "Laptop Hunters" (looking for laptop) Microsoft. Previously, stories girls Lauren buying HP machines cost 700 USD also cause many a dispute. Although to see the PC as Yoga too tired with Vista. View video.

First 4 months, Apple also launched the ad "Get a Mac", in which he left as Mac (Justin Long) Vertical view PC (John Hodgman) is trying to escape Yoga for stress and forget about the troubles by the operating system Windows Vista caused.

Videos: YouTube.


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