Saturday, July 25, 2009

HD DVD produces Blu-ray

After 17 months of the declared loser in the technology DVD high resolution electronic manufacturers decide Toshiba introduced the first disk format by the end of the year.

The race between HD DVD (the Toshiba, Microsoft supported) and Blu-ray (with the support of Sony, Panasonic) stress occur in many years. The manufacturer does not cost less money research, development, production and promotion but not much more profit by using "mail", when the waiting is the dominant form of new products purchased under New.

Toshiba to exit 02/2008 when some big movie statement will release movies on Blu-ray disc, Sony the way for broad and "league" dominate the market the new DVD.

Toshiba produced the first Blu-ray does not make the analysis of surprise. In business, employers should pride to a party to participate in the production and compete with the outside rather than the trends DVD.

Furthermore, the Toshiba up disk market first high resolution is "not ideal" by this product is becoming a part of the HDTV system and theaters families.


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