Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Website dedicated to youngers still delay

In present, many people think that "children do not need a separate web" should array content is still very new...
> Visit the learning software for children.

Ms Tam in Go Vap district (HCM City), said her son, now 12 years old, began using the Internet pure schools. Every time allowed online, in addition to gaming, I still see some pages for children in foreign countries like disney ...

Ms. Tam tried to learn a website for your child's age but her tired eyes do not see the site of Vietnam. "People should be more interested in creating a "virtual playground" for children because the baby growing early access to information technology", she confided.

Ms. Tam does not own, now besides teaching software for young children, many parents are looking for your child a space on the Internet useful to the baby just learning and development play a full range of senses.

Children still need a playing online interesting and useful. Photo: Artwork.

As noted by, now in Vietnam, the amount of educational children's website only counted on the fingers, mainly for parents as Webtretho, Yeutre, Chamsocbe ... However, many people want their children to receive information proactively rather than passively through what they say and teach.

As he Vu (Thu Duc district, HCM City), although the new 3 years old, he still wanted children can explore the world for the baby. "Children also need a virtual environment to develop any meaningful intellectual life in the early years. So we will reduce the momentum sa game on every network," he asserted Vu.

However, many analysts see the construction site for children is to "risky" because of the ability to recover capital is quite low, especially when the capacity of most investment companies also limit Vietnam institutions, not including advertising needs - one source of revenue of the website - is not high.

Web friendly interface and eye disorders will attract baby.

Mrs Trieu Thanh Le, professor of Journalism & Communication University of Social Sciences & NV HCMC, web education is a good idea, but need time management contact your child's computer.


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