Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Use iPhone as guitar, piano, horns, drums

Apple's phone is a source of inspiration for many application developers turn it into musical instruments to perform the works for Elise, Nothing else matter ...

Ocarina by one Smule applications 'hot' one for iPhone. It changes the device into horn and ocarina player will blow into the microphone and press the touch screen. Enjoy two Legend of Zelda and Stairway to Heaven.
iPhone turns into a piano to help users perform the traditional music for Elise, Hungarian Rhapsody ...
Apple's smartphone create free space by application busy MooCowMusic Drummer.
The iPhone is still the most popular guitars used instead of a number of both attracting million listening on YouTube as One, Nothing else matter (Metallica), Hotel California (Eagle) ...
"Band" the most famous in the use of iPhone as a musical instrument iBand. View video has 4.5 million views via YouTube of them.
Use iPhone as instruments was too familiar, but the students the University of Michigan (USA) was programmed for each phone emit different sounds and explore features on devices such as touch screen, microphone, GPS , compass, wireless sensor ... and created the first orchestra iPhone Orchestra. (Concert place to 9 / 12).


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