Wednesday, December 9, 2009

8 form of phishing Christmas Season

Problems tend to theft and criminal networks seasonal create web pages related to the holiday season to cheat money, collect personal data ... of both the most careful user.

Airline security McAfee statistical forms of fraud occurs most easily at the end of the year:

Site counterfeit charity

Hackers take advantage of the generosity of the community by sending e-mail looks legitimate charitable organizations. But essentially it is the site designed to steal money, credit card information and identifying information of donors.

Author bills from service delivery

During the holiday season, crime authors often send bills and notices delivered by Federal Express, UPS or the U.S. Customs Service and asked consumers to confirm information on credit card via e-mail. Thereby, they will install malicious software and collect user data.

Making friends through social networking

Crime networks spreading e-mail confirmation "new friend" looks like sent from the social networking sites. Internet users should be careful when clicking on these links for their system can be led to a site containing malicious code.


During Christmas 2008, McAfee found a worm disguised as e-card promotions on the Hallmark, McDonald's and Coca-Cola. Therefore security company advised users to be careful with what they access.


Recently, McAfee detected a example a new campaign aimed at shoppers to sites containing malicious software, such as "discount program, offer high quality jewelry from Cartier, Gucci, and Tag Heuer. Crime even use the same icon fake business logo so that users can not recognize the difference.

List of Christmas songs

Hackers create pages for search songs, ringtones or wallpapers related to holidays. Other Internet users downloaded file will contain malicious code, spyware, ad ....

Find work

Recession caused unemployment to rise, and crooks take advantage of desperate job seekers to draw out the scenario with higher wages, cheated them to send information and fee to be introduced "work them "through the network online.

For the redemption data

Computer hackers control of people through a few pages related to fake holidays. Then, they encrypt the files on the computer so that users can not read unless they are willing to pay in exchange for large amounts of data are being controlled.


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