Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 products highlights the laptop market in 2009

2009 opening Photos netbook high price for Sony Vaio P 21:10 ratio screen (1600 x 768 pixels) and ending with a laptop with 9.99 mm thinness.

When the components on a low, facilitating the construction of the system configuration moderately high prices, producers will have to find other ways their products become different, not mixed with hundreds of models being sold on the market.

Sony Vaio P.

The most common solution is to improve the display. Within the first day of the new year, Sony announced long and small computer Vaio P. Skip to argue that this is the netbook (use the Atom chip) or notebook (price to 900 USD), the consumer is the interest rate monitors "crazy" with a width twice the height. Features to the product immediately became one of the names are known in many fields laptop 2009.

ThinkPad W700ds.

Soon after, at the beginning of the month exhibition CES 1/2009 in Las Vegas (USA), Lenovo introduced the ThinkPad laptop W700ds integrated 17-inch main screen next to a smaller 10.6 inch screen. Now Asus also performed the first netbook to use touch screen Eee PC T91 rotation.

Sony Vaio X.

Other criteria is product development, thin and light as possible. Two typical examples for this trend of X Sony Vaio and Dell Adamo. Sony's laptops are made from super-durable carbon fiber material, weighs 745 g and only 13.9 mm thin. This is considered one of the notebook "their line" light weight and attractive on the market.

Dell Adamo.

Also the title of "Product in 2009 caused the most curiosity" deserve to be given to the two versions of Dell Adamo. End of 2008, consumers were "headache" before the mysterious image of 16.5 mm thin laptop in the U.S. technology firms silence before all questions about the configuration. When launched in March 2009, Dell's computer makes people fall in love from first sight, exactly as the name Adamo means "to please". However, the disadvantages of the product as it was born in the period of economic difficulties, but sold at a price too high (2000-2700 USD).

Adamo XPS.

Not stop there, was right on the "Ninth" September 9, 2009, Dell made about technology shocked when "open face" version Adamo XPS slim 9.99 mm. Despite older people guess guess non of the components are arranged so that the computer has less than 1 cm thick, the airline continued to "tease you" by the drip pictures, vague. Finally, thin laptop in the world (and probably far more this new record was broken) also appear early in November for $ 1800 USD, using Core 2 Duo ULV 1.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, hard 128 GB SSD and 13.4-inch screen.

Acer Aspire Timeline.

With the Apple MacBook Air, Envy HP, Dell or Sony Vaio Adamo valuable expensive, many people default thin light laptop only for wealthy. However, this concept began to lose the village version of the Acer Aspire Timeline with style thin, 8-hour battery life, but have connections cost only about 700-1000 USD. X-Slim X340 series of MSI (13.4 inches) and weighs 1.31 kg (lighter than the MacBook Air), less than 2 cm thin and prices under $ 1,000. Even the airline is also impressed by the campaign of your own composing, which has confirmed a video product thin and light as possible to begin with ... buttocks.

Dell Latitude Z.

3D technology starting to "set foot" in the laptop market with the Acer Aspire 5738PG confirmed as the first computer able to display the hologram. Dell delivers a surprise anymore Latitude Z system uses the energy identity for the computer via a wireless touch scroll instead adapter as normal.

Nokia 3G Booklet.

Some other highlights of the computer market received a welcomed new faces: the netbook Nokia 3G Booklet. Will be sold by end of 2009 should not be evaluated in terms of revenue, but only the name of the manufacturer of the phone world is enough for the computer to their first attracted special attention.

HP Envy 15.

2009 also marks the penetration of the line Core i7 "Clarksfield" on the notebook market. Typical is the HP Envy 15, is among the 15-inch laptop thin and light one, selling price is 2589 USD (in Vietnam) with powerful configuration: Core 2 Quad i7 820QM 1.73 GHz, 500 GB hard drive 7200 rpm, 6-cell battery, Windows 7 Premium 64 ....

Apple MacBook plastic.

On a "front line" Other, Apple and attention on the day before Windows 7 release, upgrade their computer with a series of low cost and use higher speed chips. Highlights of the white plastic MacBook unibody design (raw volume) as aluminum MacBook Pro, multi-point touch touchpad for only 999 USD.


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