Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The huge numbers in one day on the Internet

Average of 24 hours, the online world to receive the billions of e-mail, tens of millions of weekly updates Facebook and hundreds of thousands of posts by bloggers ...

Than 210 billion e-mail sent per day (mostly spam - spam).

An average of 3 million photo-sharing site was posted on Flickr, equivalent to 375,000 book album pages.

43 million GB of data is transmitted via mobile phones and need 1.7 million Blu-ray, DVD 9.2 million or 63.9 trillion floppies to store.

Revenue from mobile services per day is 145 million, of which 13 million is from a video game.

Facebook has added 700,000 new members with 45 million weekly status updates, Twitter also received the message about 5 million.

Average every 24 hours, community blogger posted 900,000 new posts, enough to New York Times released in 19 years. See complete picture of data here.


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