Thursday, September 3, 2009

Windows Phone is coming

About 20 Windows Phone using the Windows Mobile 6.5 will be officially launched by Microsoft on 06/10/2009.

The appearance of Windows Phone make smartphone market more vibrant.

Interface of Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system installed on Windows Phone has the shape of a honeycomb. Touch screen completely and the main interface can be changed by widget selection of users.

Windows Mobile 6.5 gives users Internet Explorer Mobile 6, Office applications, Windows Live Messenger and the Microsoft's latest search engine Bing.

The main screen shaped like honeycomb with the widgets of your own choice.

Windows Phone also allows users access to new services such as My Phone. This is a free system helps users store and synchronize phone data (up to 200 MB), not only for storing contacts, calendar, but also images, video clips and SMS.

Microsoft quite confident launched Windows Market Place is considered competitors with App Store of Apple. Windows Phone users can access to Windows Market Place to download more than 20,000 applications for free or pay. One point in particular whether you have this new machine is the application downloaded is reserved for the applications managed by Windows Live ID not managed by the device parameters as before.

Windows Live ID is a single account for customer login and use all the services and facilities provided by Microsoft, such as chat, e-mail, download the beta version, participate in forums...

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