Thursday, September 3, 2009

HDD capacity for laptop up to 640 GB

Most laptop hard drive currently has the highest storage capacity is 500 GB, but Toshiba has added to the 140 GB 2.5-inch version of the latest weight only 98 grams and 9.5 mm thin.

Toshiba MK6465GSX is equipped with 8 MB buffer, but only reached rotation speed 5400 rpm and will be sold this month for 640 GB version, 500 GB, 320 GB, 250 GB and 160 GB.

Meanwhile, the Hitachi company also announced Travelstar 7K500 2.5-inch drives for 500 GB laptop with speeds up to 7200 rpm and consumed 0.69 watts in standby (idle) 1.8 watt or during read / write data. Products are distributed to original equipment manufacturers and retail prices is expected to appear on the 160 U.S. markets.

By AkihabaraNews.


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