Monday, September 7, 2009

Sony showed up laptop Vaio X and Xperia X2 phone

Laptop 11.1 inch screen weighs less than 0.7 kg and the second generation smartphone Xperia X1 launches in consumer electronics exhibition IFA Berlin 2009.

Vaio X latest version is only about 1.3 cm thin, 3G wireless connectivity and battery life time of the day. Japanese electronics firms do not disclose product configurations (models on display at the fair for Windows 7 and Intel Atom CPU can change). Sony also has an agreement with Google to make Chrome the default browser in the Vaio line.

Sony Vaio X Pictures.

Video Vaio X at IFA.

At the same day, Nokia launches N97 Mini and X series, Sony announced Xperia X2 equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5. Equipment sold in the first quarter IV/2009 (price not announced), there are two black and silver, 3.2 inch touch screen 480 x 800 pixels, QWERTY keyboard, 8.1 megapixel camera, TV port connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Images of Xperia X2.

Xperia X2 Introduction Video.

CEO Howard Stringer of Sony said they are focusing on developing products based on 3D technology. "There are still many issues to be resolved but obviously 3D technology is becoming universal in a near future", said Stringer.


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