Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mona Lisa "tech" can chat

Characters mysterious smile of the name Leonard de Vinci painting in the 16th century suddenly revived, waving, smiling and chatting with customers coast to visit, thanks to 3D technology.

Mona Lisa resurrect a true and lively thanks to 3D technology.

This is a copy of the famous painting "La Joconde", is for entirely with 3D technology. These paintings are on display in art exhibitions interactive "World Classic Interactive Arts" in the city of Beijing, China. There are more than 60 masterpieces of paintings and contemporary classical also digitized and displayed in this exhibition.

Just as paintings are actually on display in the Louvre Museum of France, Mona Lisa in China attracted the attention of many visitors. Still with a mysterious smile as "the sister" in France, the Mona Lisa "virtual" and real life much.

"Hello, my name is Mona Lisa. Happy to meet you", Mona Lisa waved her hand and store greeting visitors. Also she recounts her life for the visitors with a fluent Chinese.

Director of the exhibition, Mr Wang Hui said it takes two years to complete is the preparation for this unique exhibition. "We use advanced 3D technology, engineering and painting techniques to create a sound picture of this lively", said Wang Hui share.

One famous work by Leonard de Vinci painting name is picture "party cup" was also re-create the 3D viewer technology admire the last moments of Jesus with his apostles. Exhibition and display digital copies of real size statues of the gods of ancient Rome shows the brave and prestige beauty through her body from the stand.

He Zhao Yuanzhi, a visiting guest, confided: "The paintings that I learned in college are in a static state. An amazing and interesting when you can chat with characters in famous paintings here. The fruit is a perfect combination between arts and technology".


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