Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Apple has no errors in iPhone explosions"

U.S. technology firms confirmed cases fire 3GS iPhone in France is not nearly as predicted by the error pin.
> iPhone explosions were investigated.

When the inspection or about the European Commission related to consumer complaints about the iPhone is overheating, Apple says it has asked customers to send products to the trouble to check and verify.

"To date, no cases of fire 3GS iPhone battery fault are confirmed", Apple claims. However, they did not mention the old version.

Apple also reviewed the status broken phone screen that users reflect and get the "i". (IPhone screen is protected by a layer of glass instead of plastic in the phone as normal for a scratch-resistant).

However, Frank Benoiton, a customer in France, said his wife broke the iPhone screen without crashing or collision on at all.

By CNet, BBC.


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