Saturday, August 22, 2009

Official detonating combustion harvests iPhone is investigated

European Commission (EC) announced they are considering the safety of the iPhone and the iPod music player after receiving a notification product exploded due to overheating.

Spokeswoman Helen Kearns said the inspection is related to two iPhones fire cases in France and an iPod in the UK, where a teenager was lightly injured by the debris phone shot in the eye.

"We need to ensure product safety for users, but does not want to worry people an unnecessary," Kearns said.

Meanwhile, Apple confirmed this was the accidents individual, not evidence of general status in Apple. "We have heard about the phenomenon of fire and waiting for customers to send equipment. We will inform the full inspection," Apple representative said.

Last year, Apple also replaced the battery in the iPod Nano in Japan because of the risk of ignition. Three years ago, a series of laptop manufacturers, including Apple, Sony batteries to be recovered after several accidents due to overheating.

Last week, a user in Vietnam confirms iPhone although he is burnt in the standby mode. Many people guess the iPhone is in China or have been replaced shell, but the employer phone confirmed he used in Apple and may prove true.

Apple is not responsible for the iPhone has been unlocked to be able to call in the mobile networks in the countries they do not distribute the device.


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