Thursday, September 10, 2009

HotKey software to create and manage shortcuts in Windows

Instead of each task to choose the path on Windows, users can apply HotKey Supporter 1.0 software to create and manage shortcuts easier.
> Some hotkey in Windows 7.

To perform tasks in Windows, you often have to choose a certain path, or use to create shortcuts to files. Executed by right-click on that file -> select Properties -> Select Shortcut key and press the keyboard shortcut to create -> OK.

However, if implemented as creating shortcuts are very difficulty for management. So, Hot Key Supporter 1.0 software (HKS 1.0) came with the hope to help users create and manage shortcuts to applications in Windows easier.

HKS 1.0 software interface is intuitive in Vietnamese and free, can be downloaded at or (3 MB).

Interface Hot Key Supporter 1.0. (Screen image)

HKS 1.0 classified two groups to create a shortcut: Shortcut system and program shortcuts.

How to create shortcuts to the system, users simply select one of the six tasks related to systems that provide pre-program is to reduce the brightness, Hibernate, Log Off, Stand By, increase brightness, Turn Off. Then you click the shortcut and press the enter key to create a hot key for the task.

To create shortcuts to programs, need to click on the link to access the executable file (ending in *.exe), then select the shortcut to launch that application in the box Add a shortcut. After selecting the appropriate shortcuts to tasks and applications, click on Add a shortcut to adopt them immediately.

In the process of using all the shortcut has been created will appear immediately in the list on the main. If you want to cancel the shortcut that you select the shortcut, then click Delete selected, or Delete all to clean the entire list.

Note: To 1.0 HKS effect, this program needs to run the System tray resident by clicking Close on the main interface. If want to disable the program always select Exit on the main menu or on the right, when you click the System icon tray.



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