Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fraud through Yahoo Messenger recur on Facebook

A woman has lost 4000 U.S. after the criminal theft and change an account password in the list of her friends on popular social networking of the world.

After personal login information of Grace Parry (USA) fall in hackers, her friends constantly get the message that their couple rescue robbed while traveling London (England) and need the money to come home.

Jayne Scherrman also received messages like, even a man speaking English voice called her, the staff themselves to solving immigration problems. "He said Parry and her husband are on hold and need money to go to the country", police said. "Thus, the three Scherrman send money to London to help his friend".

Meanwhile, do not log into Facebook, Parry was trying to inform friends about the nick take account of her husband. "Unfortunately one can easily believe in the messages they receive from the network", Graham Cluley, senior advisor of British security firm Sophos comments. "A message from a friend's account does not mean that the person you've composed and sent. Steal passwords are not too difficult for hackers".

Since mid 2008, many people use Yahoo Messenger in Vietnam also lost nick then nick the bad guys get to chat with their friends, saying that urgently need to call the phone and run out of money by buying card household load . Some no doubt were diligent and help to purchase without knowing you are being cheated.


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