Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cut (split) and join large capacity files with FFSJ

Sharing large files over the Internet is very difficult and to resolve, simply splited and then transplant them in part through software.

FFSJ (The Fastest File Splitter and Joiner) is a free utility written by author Le Minh Hoang. Program can take advantage of disk cache, for faster speed join cut from 03 to 05 times compared with the same type of software.

File set FFSJ well over 1 MB and only use very little system resources. FFSJ equipped with advanced algorithms to protect data from unauthorized access and from Version 2.9, check the MD5 algorithm has been integrated to determine the integrity of the data. This utility is a software compatible equipment such as file join HJ-Split ...


After download and install, users activate the program to use.

1. Cut into small files:

- At the main interface, select the Splitting tab, click on the folder icon in the top distributed file Source File to select a small cut weight. Or simpler, right-click the file and choose Split small equipment needed in the current menu.

- Click on the icon in the top section Output Directory to select the file location is not a small cut. In case you want to split file into as many equal parts, the user selected number of items in Split into. Now if you want the file to cut capacity at least as many, choose Split After Every.

- Mark Delete item to delete source file after splitting the original file is broken. Encrypt Data entry mark to set a password for file sharing small. This option helps encrypted data and can only pair the original file if the file in small bars have set up a password.

- Click the Split button. In this case marked the Encrypt Data option, a dialog box will be asked to fill out your password.

- Dialog box cut file notification process ends appear and users can easily share content or copy in the drive to move the mobile computer.

2. Join file from the small section:

The files will be cut under the same name but extensions are evaluated in order number (eg 001, 002, _a, _b...).

- At the main program, select the tab Joining. Click on the icon at the section First Split part, find the results to file extension is 001 or _a. (Or right-click the file in any number of files are chopped, select Join).

- Output File section allowing you to choose the location to save the file after the transplant. Split parts select Delete to delete the file after joining the bar after being join original file.

Note: small file to make a cut in the same folder. In the case of sparse set in several locations, select Split parts are in different locations.

- Click Join button to start join file (the password if any). Dialog box will appear when the process ends.

3. Check that the MD5 file

Apart from two main features equipment and join file, FFSJ child has resigned MD5 check to see that the integrity of the file and ensure data is not altered compared with the original file. This feature is very useful in case of shared files may use large amounts of data or important.

- In the program interface, select the tab MD5 Checksum.

- Click on the icon in Get MD5 Signature from section, select the file need to create MD5.

- Click on the button "Get & Copy" and wait until get the message:

- When sharing files that include MD5, users can use the main FFSJ or any program to check the MD5 of the file review that measure. If the code matches the code that they included, the file that is conservation.

Download FFSJ (The Fastest File Splitter and Joiner) by typing the program name in the search bar on sites like,,

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