Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photos difficult time with morning sun ... 6 months

In photos church Saint Mary Redcliffe in the UK, the light traces the way of the sun. Road lowest taken in 22/12 Mr. and most of the lower 20/06.

Number of technology, cameras are constantly developing products and the age of 3 years was considered to be outdated. Arts pinhole (images through needle holes) using backward technology, remind people to remember that the nature of photography is simple, the only morning sun and when taken, the lens open for light to film or image sensor to create.

People can self-pinhole cameras using a closed box (made of any material such as what Shelley, cake boxes, soft drink cans) and choc a small hole (in Dollars) in a first, first reference movie set or in the professional photography. Pinhole camera without lens, battery or automatic mechanism.

Light tight holes swoon baby and create images that require time Exposure quite long. People taking can not directly view the image quality depends on luck.

Some photos through needle holes:


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