Saturday, August 22, 2009

5 office applications on the Web

Microsoft and Google are developing operating systems "cloud" and application support access to documents, spreadsheets ... right on your browser. In the meantime such products, users can find solutions to the same.

Glide OS ( like a virtual desktop environment that allows to work independently or in groups up to 6 with 10 GB of free storage and tools word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, calendar, contacts. Support services 250 file formats, support good looking and nice interface. provides 15 GB of free support tab, drag the features - drop, more compatible file format (no PDF) and third party applications like Flickr's search engine, news AOL's IM, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN. considered the operating system running on the web, high speed, providing the tools word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, audio player, chat service but only 1 GB of free storage. also only 1 GB of free storage but allows quick access to other services like to store, Meebo, Google, Zoho ... However, this tool does not support spreadsheet.

While the application of the above activities via the browser Mozilla Prism ( / prism) acts as a program on the desktop, support for fast access to Web applications like Gmail, Meebo, Google Docs ... (list depending on the needs of users) without having to open the browser.

(According to PC World)


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