Sunday, August 9, 2009

5 star floating on Facebook

Last week, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates had to delete accounts on social network largest world because too many fans. However, the fan that may still lose your remote or Barack Obama Megan Fox.

Famous people on Facebook is Michael Jackson. Quantity fan of pop king has increased 12 times from 800,000 before the 25/06/2009 up to 10,018,585 people after his death.

Barack Obama has about 6.5 million fans and the account of America's updated frequently on the press conference, the time appearing on television, the important events in the White House ...

Many people mentioned the name of 2 Michael Jackson and Barack Obama when asked "the three most popular is Facebook?" but very little is known Vin Diesel - star movie "Fast and the Furious" - the first three people to 5 million fan. Diesel hard upload photos, video and change your status.

Megan Fox attracted the attention of members of Facebook because of tons of bombs Transformers movie with hot photos on the magazines. She does have 4.5 million fans.

Facebook account by actor Will Smith is not much Songs, photos, video and enable more than 4 million fans. In addition, some stars like Ashton Kutcher, Adam Sandler, music group Linkin Park ... also very successful as to attract a few million fans on Facebook.


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