Sunday, August 9, 2009

20 to possess the technology

"Within a month agreed to make friend with boss on social network Facebook", you will regret. This is one of the rules to avoid using the computer, Internet ...

This is the basic law that magazines PC World and Facebook users have "prepare":

- Each and Windows Update will destroy at least two other things on your computer.

- Always hardware when you failed to backup data (backup).

- Data will get problems just before you leave to drive backup.

- No USB port on a Mac is a little more than your needs at any time.

- Pressure to the computer will quickly make you the last time over.

- After editing machine, if in case the bolt and the new test, the computer will not work. But if the test case before closing, it will run smooth.

- Computer Repair for friends or relatives, you will become a technical support for them a long time, even life.

- Assembling a computer for someone, they will "own" you.

- If you introduce a good product to a friend, they go to buy and immediately will see the actual product and must bring back.

- Only once shown IT skills at work, technical department will begin colleagues suggest that "small," you every time they encounter problems with your computer.

- If you have problems that you buy not to call and complete support, problems will be overcome as soon as you're describing for technicians.

- Only one month to agree to "you" by sếp on Facebook, you will feel little limited. (SEP will Facebook you know how many times in working hours is not difficult to understand all the "country road steps" on your network).

- When you enter Captcha (string authentication) on a website, you always type 1 instead of text (usually L) and O instead of digit 0.

- The e-mail malicious always find a way to hand with the project you are considering not want to send.

- The battery in the phone will not compatible with the phone next to you buy (many complaints they have a collection battery charger).

- Laptop battery always runs out faster than two times higher than normal whenever you leave home but forget to bring a charger.

- The device damage when 2-year contract with suppliers coming up, force you to buy a new computer form. (In the U.S. and other countries, users can own the phone with a lower market value but must sign 1-2 year contracts with suppliers).

- When traveling, the memory card your camera is usually "safe" in the first reading so that you forget at home.

- Home support online provider of the software contains all the detailed instructions to fix the problems, except the problem you are having.

- 9 of 10 times to interfere Registry to fix the system will create a new problem is more serious issues initially.

An Asia (according to PC World)


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