Sunday, August 23, 2009

The personal information found by search engines

The system can search online that Internet users are what make a purchase through Amazon, image display children, their lovers on Flickr and the pressing of colleagues are interested in the blog...

American journalist JR Raphael discovered lawyer 55 years his love Creed music, screaming like a child while sitting on the swings back and are purchasing an electric nose hair dryer though Raphael never talked outside of work with individual him.

Perhaps, the lawyer is not doubt he has left too many "traces" to vivid others found on the network, as a blogger on Yahoo 360 as: "Find Test how many colleagues are blogging more than 600. Among them are some who also brief the Group. Recognizing that many of you even feel, how many evening news that you never dared to speak out. frustrating accrue both to the Internet".

In the era of information sharing, most comfortable when a small part of their personal lives being public with strangers. However, each piece of information seems insignificant to other people is enough to understand them if aggregated. Showing a blog posts about the new move, all center on the forum about conflict couple ... people do not realize that they are filling more of information about themselves and more to help search engines to easily display them in search results.

Moreover, the vision of each person received a totally different issue. You post pictures in the posture of humor with fun captions for amusing friends. The image search service Google again separated from the picture that context, and people only see you very ugly and was brought into illustrations for a theme or not.

Many Internet users believe that Google can not find what they write on without knowing that countless other tools are designed only to find personal information like Spokeo, or CVGadget Pipl. Based only on e-mail, Spokeo will update constantly search for the other person has said nothing new, there are no online ... as this statement: "Explore photos, videos and secrets secret, including questions about your chat friends and colleagues".

Promises attractive for those curious on Spokeo services - search popular social networking sites just from one e-mail.

"All you need to do is live with the fact that when giving information to the network", expert personal issues on the Internet, Kevin B. McDonald said.


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