Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bollywood expressed through songs stored in MP3

The researchers recommend that users should consider before they show up the list songs in their music player devices, mobile phones.... to others.

Survey of the songs on the Apple iPod is set by the University of Cambridge (England) make music that reflects the personality, values, status of the listener. Dr. Jason Rentfrow, head of research, commented: "Our conclusions can not really correct but in reality, you usually have a strong impression on someone when asked what they like listening to music".

Classical music enthusiasts often quiet, almost easy, to live responsible, intelligent but not dynamic and outward less attractive, not outstanding.

Playlist can contain the whole rock analysis by the rebellion, lack of patience, volatile emotions, quite real need of fans still listening to pop Left boring, fuzzy and the conservatives.

Group seems to love jazz received many positive reviews when it is evaluated as the most creative, love peace, friendliness and comfort. Meanwhile, people like rap enthusiasm, but high self-esteem or lack of organized and more aggressive than other groups.

This research done in preparation for the 800th anniversary of establishment of the University of Cambridge.



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