Sunday, August 23, 2009

Difficult to get work because share too much on Facebook

Social networking is always complaining because this causes trouble for many participants as time consuming, damaging relationships... and now they cause users to lose their jobs or apply for the job.
> Secret individuals information were discovered from the search engines.

Feedback in July, Lee Landor, a press assistant in Manhattan (USA), was fired for calling U.S. President Barack Obama is "O-dumb-a" (Obama "stupid") on Facebook related to education black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates of the school was Sergeant Jim Crowley started in their own homes.

Early August, a woman in England also lost her job after her boss had forgotten that the friends list and update status: "Sun Oh, I hate my job too". He answered that if the boss instant she does not need to hate the company the next day again.

Photographs exchanged between the boss and staff were spread on the Internet.

Also this month, a youth age 23 in Chatsworth (New Zealand) reviews the boss "since happy" and not surprisingly he was fired. He also said that this actually wrote many of his terrible than that of your boss on Facebook, but start trouble add (connected to) a colleague.

Many other employees also were recorded in the "black book" because continuous update or play online games during working hours. Not only is the media making more unemployed people, Facebook is no cause little difficulty for a few minutes just because the "pen sa dead chicken" on the network.

According to CareerBuilder site, nearly half (45%) managers in America are using social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to check the quality of candidates. Connectivity and powerful search of these services to help them was not difficult to account through a few simple commands.

35% of employers said they declined because the candidates share content as inappropriate post pictures too relative, since the habit of drinking, say bad boss, colleagues, customers in the old company, shows poor communication skills, with discriminatory comments...

Even 16% of candidates for the type of e-mail, letter... contains Emoticon or use the abbreviation in the message.


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