Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Websites report directly the funeral of Michael Jackson

Memorial Ceremony of King of Pop in Los Angeles (USA) at about 12h tonight (in Vietnam) with the presence of many contributing diva could become the largest event in the history of information sharing on the Internet.

Photo: Reuters.

Before that, 1,6 million people had subscribed to 17,500 tickets (11,000 at the Stadium Staples Center and Nokia Theater in 6500) through staplescenter.com webpage of the organization. Computer randomly chooses the lucky 8750 (2 tickets per person) to attend funeral.

Ads on Craigslist, a person would like to exchange one ticket for those who agree to pay the aircraft to Los Angeles for him. Others recruits a girl. "She will have to send pictures and explain why she deserves to choose", this member said.

eBay also continued to remove information relating to the tickets to the Staples Center, but many people are still for sale and have people ready to pay price to $15,000.

Police estimated more than 700,000 people are dump to regional organization Memorial Ceremony although the ceremony expected lasting 90 minutes were not broadcasted on the wall of the external screen of stadium. Number of fan will be monitored via TV or Internet:

CBSNews.com and TV.com plan to transfer images via CBS radio in Los Angeles.

CNN will broadcast event with four of the famous is Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Don Lemon and Soledad O'Brien.

ABCNews.com directly with comments by Charles Gibson, the lead program on Fox News is Shepard Smith.

MySpace members will have the opportunity to see real-time video by AEG entertainment provided. Facebook users also have access to CNN Live to track events through a combination social network world number one and America (both the cooperation of wall enthronement of America's Barack Obama).

Meanwhile, the technology people want to verify whether the Internet has once again stagger as the news about the death of Michael Jackson spread on the Internet on 25/06/2009.

Jacko dead news make global internet down.


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