Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remove "Beta" of applications of Google

Google said that they are often asked why their programs such as Calendar, Talk and Gmail is more than 5 years still suffered "beta" process.

Especially, since the release of Google Apps two years ago, this application was used by 1,75 million companies worldwide for transactions, text editor, create tables, plan... However, many consider "beta" means "testing, not perfect", and made them wonder if Google Apps is a main tools for working of the company.

Meanwhile, Google simply defined the beta product is the product will continue to be developed or improved.

Therefore, since 07/07/2009, the email service Gmail, Google Calendar, drafting documents Google Docs and Google Talk will remove the word "Beta". This decision is highly evaluated by consumers, as a blogger commented: "Beta logo next to products always bring feelings do not even trust although Google's service is very popular".

> Half of Google Applications have "Beta" logo.


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