Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Half of Google Apps is still Beta

The technology people still give Google the name "Company of the trial softwares", but recent statistics by Pingdom counts accurately beta services of Google hold 45% of 49 Google products.

"Can accept why some applications such as Knol, Alerts, Custom Search, or Google Chrome... still in development stages. But Gmail service has appeared in over 4 years (04/2004) up to now is still continue in testing. Then, the Google Docs, social network Orkut or Google Finance...", Peter Alguacil, analysis expert of Pingdom, comments "No company has Beta products up to a half as Google".

Spokeman of Google explains Google has a systematic rigorous evaluation that each product is for users had to meet before end the beta period. "The concept of beta there will be a totally different meaning when applied in the web environment. "Beta" affirmed products will be continuously improved and updated during the operation. Users do not have to wait the the next on the shelves for new upgraded software. We are close to the period when the application "live" on the cloud (virtual server) will be added and castigate each days".


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