Thursday, July 16, 2009

Using "cloud OS" of Microsoft costs $0,12 per hour

Microsoft announced new charges that users pay for services Windows Azure - system support cloud computing that introduced at the end of 2008.
> Windows Azure - Microsofts hope / Cloud computing - low price computing revolution by Internet.

Azure, will launch in autumn 2009, will basically be 12 cents (0.12 USD) per hour and use 15 cents / gigabytes of storage. Those who signed the half year will be discounted 15-30% and after 6 months, they will have to continue paying the standard rate.

Microsoft also revealed the cost of the database SQL Azure, the basic version is $9,99 with 1 GB of data involved, the Business version is $99,99 for 10 GB of data.

Microsoft promises the service will reach 99.95% of stable and noi.Windows Azure is operating system that contains the service "cloud" (cloud service) and act as environmental development, hosting and management management services. Azure provides tools and storage, as required by the user (on-demand) to contain and manage web applications. However, limited points of Azure is operating system cloud this only works in the data center by Microsoft.


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