Thursday, July 16, 2009

Windows Azure

After 2 years no many noises, Ray Ozzie, who replaced the role of Bill Gates at Microsoft, also attracted attention when introducing large projects with a turning point for the "kings software package": Background cornerstone activities online is named Azure, previously known as Windows Cloud.
> Microsoft preparing to announce the operating system Windows Cloud / Cloud computing - low price computing revolution by Internet.

Ray Ozzie on PDC stage. Photo: Reuters.

"Azure marked step change in software development, strategy and how to distribute our products", said Ozzie at the conference to the developers PDC is taking place in Los Angeles (USA).

Microsoft has developed a brand name because of construction and business software to allow people to install the system on their computers. But high-speed Internet with a series of electrical generation has produced a new trend to "cloud computing" (cloud computing), in which applications are not in the PC memory is stored on the virtual server or cloud (which some employers provide technology) and functions as services on the Internet.

Microsoft has decided not stand after this movement to save the show Azure, code named Project Red Dog, to compete directly with products are IBM, ... distribution. Project Azure Microsoft.

Windows Azure allows development professionals and technology enthusiasts to build applications and directly on the site system server virtual Microsoft update, maintain and protect.

Software corporation in Redmond, Washington (USA) expectations Azure will act on the "cloud" as well as Windows PC and Windows Mobile in mobile devices. Applied social network mobile created based Azure.

According to Ozzie, the new platform is a step in the resolution scabrous now access files from many different devices, such as a computer at home, at work, through PDAs and mobile phones. However, Azure in early stages and he declined to disclose when Azure will start operations as well as service fees are as many


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