Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Twitter should be awarded Nobel for peace"

A familiar officer of previous President of America George Bush said that the famous sub-blog Twitter and its founders are deserve to be the Nobel nominated caus of its "Cross-border" influence in the important events.

"I first shared this opinion when interviewed on cable television Fox News. Think about what Twitter had made: It helps resolve the conflicts in a country because of its ability to impact the internation, for example, create a pressure to resolve the violent situation after the elections in Iran", Mark Pfeifle, Assistant of George Bush, comment.

Twitter with the logo of a bird is always faster in sensitive big events.

He also said that the journalists often have to leave the country to collect information in the past, but Twitter has opened the door of the world to witness our hope, the brave or competent in humanity. Thanks to Twitter and social networks like Facebook, people can tell their aspirations not only with those they encounter on the road but also with millions of people worldwide.

Last week, Twitter is blocked for access in China to prevent the users of this service post the violent news in Tan Cuong (China) making more than 180 people died.

The Nobel Peace is awarded to individuals promoted "fellowship between nations" and "understanding the roles keep peace", as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Al Gore.

> Twitter will become fevers in Vietnamese community in 2009?


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