Tuesday, July 7, 2009

China cut off the Internet, block Twitter after the violent

Internet users in China can not access Twitter for writing insurgency in Tan Cuong while Internet in this NorthWest is also not working.

Twitter is starting popular in China and favorite news media of many people. However, some members complained they can not access to this site since Sunday afternoon (the third party applications permit to post messages to Twitter without Web access).

Photo: BBC

Meanwhile, others said they have to use phone because can not log in Skype. Employees at a hotel in Tan Cuong also asserted that the Internet has been broken there (hotels use broadband service provide by China Telecom).

This action is to limit Internet users upload photos and video as they often do when big events have occurred. The rebellion in this self-managed area Tan Cuong has destroyed shops, burned vehicles and encounter with security forces on 05/07/2009, making more than 800 people injured and the dead number 140 are continue to rise.

The video has been appeared on YouTube (China blocked this service a few months now). Spokesman of provider China Mobile did not notice the disconnect status from the Internet in Tan Cuong at their office in Beijing.

A part of China (Tan Cuong) has been in violent.


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