Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tan Cuong was deep in violent

The rebellion in this self-manage Tan Cuong (NorthWest of China) has destroyed shops, burned vehicles and encounter with security forces last night, caused 140 dead and more than 800 people injured.

Up to this morning, order has been on some parts of Urumqi city, capital of the self-manage Tan Cuong but tensions on the street still. Police on mission were also on the street this morning.

Those who have turn and burned cars. They also carry a brick, stones, knife and stick to against security forces. Photo: BBC.

The police tighten security on the routes of Urumqi city. One of the Urumqi in beating out the hash in the violent.

There are two women injured in the insurgency in Urumqi occured in last night and this morning.

Some shops are destroyed by vandalism. Health workers take an injury to the emergency.

> There are up to 140 dead in Tan Cuong violent.


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