Sunday, July 12, 2009

ThinkPad T400s applies multi-touch technology on touchpad

Hover on the line of super-slim new laptop that Lenovo has the most public, the user can use your fingers to zoom, zoom out, rotate images or documents.

Inspired from the laptop fully integrated features, slim and light as the Lenovo ThinkPad X300, the T400s have thickness only 2.1 cm and weighing less than the initial 1.8 kg.

This is the result of the use of screen technology LED 14.1 inch, hard disk SSD (solid state drive - SSD) and metal frame to protect machines (Top Cover Roll Cage) the second frame type is Lenovo introduced the first laptop in the ThinkPad X300. Long flexible carbon fiber frame of this protection (also used in bicycle frames and ribs in the manufacture of aircraft) to help keep the T400s are light but still have the firm is amazing. With this design, Lenovo ThinkPad T400s reduce weight to 20% compared with the ThinkPad T400.

Lenovo has conducted surveys and notice a regular user type the Delete key and Escape average 700 times per week. To help improve the typing keyboard, they've designed the press this key larger. Often with lunch at desks, Lenovo has narrow space between the keys to press to avoid the pieces of food chips may fall below the keyboard. Touchpad is designed with horizontal table and a surface to help new users can easily feel the location of the touchpad without looking down the keyboard. With multi-touch technology (multitouch) on the touchpad, users can easily scroll, zoom and pressure / little documentation on the screen.

English keyboard clack continuity can distraction users when they are making a conversation, so Lenovo added a microphone digital double. This helps reduce noise and improve the level of the loudspeaker. To the user know if they are to turn off the speakers (mute) or not, Lenovo designed the keyboard to "speaker" (the sound speaker) and the "mute" (off) with LED lighting for the key which is activated or not. VoIP Phone To be even faster, the user can enable VoIP applications through use of the hot key combination Function and F6.

ThinkPad T400s also features secure fingerprint identification (fingerprint), a dedicated USB port for MP3 Players, cameras and other devices to the electricity charging the laptop in standby mode (standby) mode or sleep (hibernate).

ThinkPad T400s began to sell in the market through a system of business partners and Lenovo at Patterns in cost starting around 1599 USD. Equipment such as auxiliary ThinkPad Port Replicator Series 3, Mini Dock Series 3 and Mini Dock Plus Series 3 also has been the starting price is the corresponding 149 USD, 199 USD and 229 USD.

Configuration of the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s:

Select the processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz (standard voltage) and graphics.
Select SSD hard drives up to 128 GB hard drive or 250 GB HDD.
Ổ write DVD drives or Blu-Ray 9.5 mm thin.
Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi and WiMAX (optional), WWAN, Bluetooth connectivity and super-broadband.
Card slot Express Card 34 mm or poisoning multimedia 5-in-1.
Support technology and Protect ConstantConnect by Lenovo, which allows users to optimize the device with BlackBerry ThinkPad laptop
Battery use is nearly 6 hours continuously.
Supports 2 displays via the Display Port connection and VGA.
Meet the standards of Energy Star 5.0 energy efficiency.
USB / eSATA integrated.


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