Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kaspersky lauched Vietnamese version

On 16/07/2009, the Vietnamese version of Kaspersky Lap was launch for Vietnam users with price around 290,000 VND a year.

According provider Nam Truong Son (NTS Group), of functions, Kaspersky 2009 version of the Chinese do not other versions of English. However, the entire interface of Kaspersky have been written in the convenient and easy to understand Vietnam.

Kaspersky English can quickly understand the safety of your computer with messages in English. Users are not afraid of mistakenly deleted data because they can not understand what Kaspersky notice as in the English language.

Interface version of Kaspersky Lap English in 2009. Screenshot

In this new version, Kaspersky Lap integration of bilingual Vietnamese - English, help the user can switch between 2 languages without having to install the English version. Just open Kaspersky English and click on the keyboard Shift + F12 to switch versions in English. If you want to move back through the English, just click Shifl + F5.

Case is download and install, if English is not displayed correctly, that have failed, is because the system is set up Windows Regional and Language in the font does not support Vietnamese. This only happens during the installation. Once installed, the software will display English normal.

The human eye Kaspersky Lap English, NTS Group donated copyright 6 months Kaspersky Anti - Virus 2009 for the first 100,000 people download the new version within 30 days from 16 / 7.


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