Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some should not be asked in first dating

Wonders why she is single until now is not a good question in the first dating. She can answer: "I am single, because I want to like", means placing the full stop for that date.

You invite her/him to dinner and want to leave a good impression. But you find stressful and almost lost control. Then be careful because there are things you should not ask in the first time dating.

1. Monthly salary.

Others earn how much money, is not your business. If you asked, your partners could be thinking that you're out of payment for this meals. This could be worse if he/she can think that you are bedding.

2. Wonders why he/she is now single.

No real answers to this question because this is not a compliment. What did you mean behind the question? This only make the dating of yours to be more stressful. Because the only answers you have is the same as "I am single, because I like it". That means placing the full stop for that date.

3. Asked for ever try the addictive drug?

No way to answer this question without causing embarrassment. If the answer is yes, you will want to know which, where and with whom. And this is also not your business. If the answer is no, you can suspect that the partner is not honest. And even how, why you asked the question in the first dating?

4. Call the problem of pornography

This question is too private in current of feelings and will make available to the defend attitudes. The worse they will think you are engaging them. You can talk about this fater few hundred dates but in the first time it will make your partner run as far as possible and anger.

5. How large is his/her house?

Alarm will also be rung for this hearing as you want the relationship to progress as quickly as possible. Is your life not stable because you do not have a private space. Affordable dating because you want to find accommodation?

6. Previous relationship.

If you ask why the previous relationship is not good, it seems to you're blaming them and you are made them have the failure feeling. And Anyway, you really want to hear after he had done anything to keep the relationship before? Remember that you're dating, the current is important.

6. Does it regular drunk?

If a woman asked: "Do you often get drunk?", this is a direct criticism, and also means you have no hope. You do not make people uncomfortable when comments about drinking habits if you do not want to end everything here.


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