Sunday, July 5, 2009

Augmented reality application is no longer a theory

Augmented Reality Technology (AR) helps NPC (characters in game) chat with the players, or allow the users use a mobile phone direct to a house and information related to it are immediately displayed.

Information about the park is provided when the user jam the screen.

AR is considered to be the technology of the future through the ability to compare actual images with the database on computer to provide user specific information, quickly and most relevant. Some AR applications have started to be introduced as the phone make smell of Nokia, mobile browser Layar and new projects Project Natal of Microsoft.

Layar, product of collaboration between 5 content providers in Netherlands, considered as the first AR browser for mobile devices on the world. Direct camera phone to the front, you can see the houses being for sale, information of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, ATM points... This browser works on mobile phones running Android OS by Google.

ARToolKit v4.4 application creates 3D objects on iPhone.

Project Natal of Microsoft is the combination of camera, microphone and other devices for applications, tracking movement of players in 3D environment and receiving their emotional through face, voice.


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