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Secret in South Korea's long range rocket Taepodong

Rocket store of South Korea including all types of rockets from the short, medium and far, all are self-development based on foreign technology. In which the Taepodong have biggest strength.

Pyongyang name you try to fire Taepodong-1 in 1998. Photo: The Seoul Times

Name lửa further the first Korean Taepodong-1 is using liquid fuel. This is the weapons of two fire the short name, the medium is the Scud and Nodong of this country. Taepodong-1 may be reaching the target at long distance from 2000 to 2500 km, are said to be technology-based firewall name SS-21 by Russia previously been assessed but there is a lack accuracy.

Each of Taepodong-1 weighs about 33 tons, 1.8 meters in diameter and 25.8 meters long. Korea test this first on 8 / 1998 from the beach try Musudan-ri, in the name of tennis through the fire territory north of Japan and falling Pacific Ocean. This event means to the base by the U.S. military on Okinawa island to have been attacked in the name of fire Pyongyang.

Taepodong-1 is the name of two train đạn floor is now ready to deploy in the struggle Korea. Some Russian news source said, to Korea in 2009, about 25 to 30 of Taepodong-1 is placed on bệ journalists. When the experiment in 1998, Pyongyang official notification purposes you are bringing satellite their first names to Kwangmyongsong orbital but that's.

Username fire Taepodong-1 requires the release from a fixed position and it needs a long preparation, you should easily be proofed by the detectives of the detected first. Besides, there is a name lửa others further develop Korea as Taepodong-X, but this version does not test any time.

Taepodong-X is based on the name of fire đạn underground train from the Soviet Union and the shot up to 4,000 km, enough to reaching the base of the U.S. military on the island of Guam. Unlike Taepodong-1 release using bệ fixed, Taepodong-X can be sold from the system frees mobile enemy that is not visible.

Username fire Taepodong-2 by Pyongyang. Photo: MDV.

To overcome the mistakes of the Taepodong-1, Korea is developing versions of the new Taepodong-2 with the wider you open, estimates from 5000 to 6000 km, but still liquid fuel. This set capable Alaska, Hawaii and the land in the west coast of America to the attack by Pyongyang.

However, experts do not believe in the accuracy of the Taepodong-2 as well as the ability to carry big lead it. Like the brothers Taepodong-1, it requires a system of rooms as you. Taepodong-2 is the first time you try on 5/7/2006 and the bay is about 40 seconds it tung. Each of Taepodong-2 weighs 80 tons, 35.8 meters long and 2.2 meters in diameter. This aircraft can lead normal, nuclear or satellite weighs over 500 kg.

Last time you try Korean Taepodong-2 is 5 / 4 after the last 12 days preparing the bệ journalists. The entire operation was placed in the closely monitored by the satellite due to aesthetics. Meanwhile Pyongyang confirmed they release the name of the fire is to accelerate telecommunications satellite into space, but many look just as shell bọc disguise the name of fire đạn prohibited.

About the experts evaluated the Korean release name fire Taepodong-2 today 5 / 4 the past have shown "a significant progress" in the name of the technology further by fire in this country. South Korea believes that the type name of the fire north can fly up to 6,700 km distance, with enough U.S. Alaska Islands and Guam, where U.S. military bases are the largest in the war on it.

Many news sources are identified, Korea has developed extended version of the Taepodong-2 not only makes it better enough to islands of Hawaii to take the coast west of the United States, with the shooting reached about 8000 km. There are concerns about Pyongyang Defend Taepodong-2 to Hawaii, in the context of the system and the name of fire in the U.S. is ready for war.

The fire name short and the medium

Photos Korea fire you try to name the manufacturer of short tons by KCNA published on 5/1/2009.

Besides type Taepodong further generations, the name of fire and Korea also have the short variety of different ways. In which KN-02 is considered to have a high accuracy the most, but you just set the about 100 km and is also shot with the lowest. Besides, the Scud-B has the shot and 300 km Scud-C is 500 km. Own Scud-D with your ability to target 700 km away. The aircraft types this can lead to normal.

The name type fire Scud B, C and D have been to Pyongyang tested and implemented on the field. With this aircraft Korea could attack any area of land on which South Korea.

Yes the shot a little further is the Nodong rocket enough reaching the target has about 1,000 km and can carry nuclear lead. But the research center of a U.S. nuclear fire, the type name is not accurate with the wrong number from 2 to 4 km compared to the target. Name lửa Nodong can attack almost all locations in Japan. Pyongyang name you try this type of fire on 5 / 1993 and implemented since 1998.


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