Sunday, July 5, 2009

Korean shot 7 pocket in one day

Yesterday, South Korea continued to release 7 of the short rockets while some regional countries are concerned Korea will try the fuse đạn further right on the U.S. Independence Day 4 / 7.

Council advised the Chief related to the South Korea, 3 lửa name first Korean shot this morning is free at local 8h (6h Hanoi) from a base near Wonsan and falling sea Japan. Then close to noon to a similar result by Korea to continue to lift and liberate the country 3 results.

According to Minister of South Korea, one name is on fire shooting the Scud has a maximum 500 km. Before the dynamics Seoul this statement: "Military our ready respond any threats and defiant Korea which, based on the camp and the powerful combination of South Korea and the U.S.."

Pm last Thursday, Korea also released 4 of the short name of fire. But the test this morning by Pyongyang Seoul cause for concern over the name of fire use the shot larger than before and the purpose is political, right on national celebration of America.

The Pyongyang consecutive shooting fire name is not unexpected because this country have reported a set area blocked boats on the sea to the east to conduct military exercise from 1 to 10 / 7. South Korea military is closely monitoring the location of military north and that will also add fire to you.

Previous to 2006, Korea also each volley fire right on the U.S. Independence Day, the most notable aircraft has further Taepodong-2. However, name of the fire Pyongyang has explosive kick and falling sea less than a minute after leaving bệ journalists.

Store the name of fire prevention Korea has many different types. In which KN-02 is considered to have a high accuracy the most, but you just set the about 100 km and is also shot with the lowest. Besides, the Scud-B has the shot and 300 km Scud-C is 500 km. Own Scud-D with your ability to target 700 km away. The aircraft types this can lead to normal.

The name type fire Scud B, C and D have been to Pyongyang tested and implemented on the field. With this aircraft Korea could attack any area of land on which South Korea.


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