Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kelly Brook stopped nude bathroom for "a young pilot"

Immersed in love with the guy Danny Cipriani, Kelly Brook made anything available to lovers, including the drop from the shower nude.

Kelly Brook is ready to up the habit for showing love. Kelly Brook is heaven for the rich curve is fine within a tension along the circle, and the wires are always proud to show the public. However, now, at the request of your son Danny Cipriani, she will not shower ceiling again. "There are too many paparazzi and do not like Danny", Kelly Brook told the magazine Red. Female actor owns the curve perfectly fine.

In the interview, also Kelly households worry about the first time she met the requirements Baseball least 8 years old. Beauties 29 years old revealed she could not see more than his old Danny when he "the man" your age. "Now we remember and laugh together". He said: "He is very happy because she has his phone number" but I said "I will be happy again because he says his old false".

Kelly also coarse, she is the first after he found he looks 21 years old in the car park. "I am to a banquet with a friend. Danny and Dizzee Rascal about when preparing to me. He goes through me when we're out of cars and then ngoái look at me again. I tell you you: 'He is too great. I must tell him your phone number is'. That is what I have never done before to this", Kelly shared. Kelly happiness with Danny in parties.

Crazy in love, but women beautiful actors Kelly Brook not intend to become the mark. "I do not need the approval of anyone. I do not need to ring in the new feel is love. I love myself. I love your life".


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