Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bikini history

On 05/07/1946, French designer Louis Reard launch small tub of clothes never see the world. Ministry of clothing that vibrant in the world and get the name from Bikini Atoll islands - which conducted the nuclear test by the United States.

In contrast with the usual concept of the bikini and a creative since ancient time, as in the Code is to examine century 4 in Villa Romana Del Casale in Sicily, Italy this. Previously, the two pieces of clothing and the women's individual athletes wear from the previous year in 1400 and is illustrated in the classic to the stage.

Bathroom on the wheel is a can not found it to lack of swimming beaches in Europe in the year 1890. The girls of the stage often need to bear small clothing to prevent them being up there and crack leg.

The loan last line also give for a piece of clothing elicit flexion of the fair. 1907, artist Annette Kellerman Australia people arrested on Boston beach for wearing a piece of clothing tắm thick bundle of people - notice a future not easy bikini.

In the year 1940, the manufacturer of fashion has a step further for clothing bathroom, elicit more skin than meat ever. War increases the motivation for the two pieces, when the U.S. government requires manufacturers to save fabrics, leading to the road space on the shirt shower.

On 5/7/1946, a French engineer Louis Reard, has designed the uniforms of "less than all the clothes tub smallest world." 4 days before, the U.S. military has conducted nuclear test on Bikini Atoll islands. Reard hope that new its also boomed as the experiment had been called patent is bikini. But first, the model does not dare to wear his design.

Micheline Bernardini, a female nudity, the first women dare to wear bikini on 11/7/1946, and appear before the report at the fashion show in Paris. Ministry of Small bikini that just insert it in the matches, just as things are cầm on hand. It's no surprise when Bernardini received numerous letter of fans.

Bikini banned in beauty contests when the first Miss World was held in London 1951. As of a piece of clothing tắm continue dominate, bikini then also prohibited in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Australia, even the Vatican declared that sins.

Movie star Kirk Douglas jokes on the beach in Cannes female young people in France Bridget Bardot, who was later recorded as help disseminate bikini in the world.

A moment of history in cinema to the world in 1962 when the female actor Switzerland Ursula Andress, Honey Rider in a few movies in the series of James Bond Dr. No, step up from water in the bikini from. Nearly 40 years later, in 2001, this tub of clothes sold auction with 60,000 USD.

Female actors Raquel Welch to create the clothing designs in bathroom to turn wild in the movie One Million Years BC 1967. At that time, many female actors have been known to have been khoác bikini, such as Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and of course Bridget Bardot.

Illustrated swimsuit magazines already have illustrated the bikini first in 1964. The story is told that the editor Andre Laguerre found no sporting events to highlight writing in the winter months and through fashion journalists Jule Campbell lấp help page. She has found Beauties and Babette March story has left to history.

Athletes volleyball Americans earn the model Gabrielle Reece ad sports his in 1997. Her team who have good in the beach volleyball in the first world.

Today is not when people see the girls in the bikini line, also called tangas, walking on the beach. To conclusions about the attractiveness of bikini, Dominic Smith - editor of Nuts magazine for men in England and said: "In the years following the war, people need something that could bring peace and well on the planet. it is the bikini. The perfection of shape and function has confirmed it once more - the same people in a thought: chisel and admiration. Happy birthday first 63 of bikini - patent excellent and most interesting of the 20th century".


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