Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson has the secret of lovers

Bodyguard said the super pop star had admired for this women. She has experienced along with the ups and downs of his life.

Bodyguard Matt Fiddes said just some information about the secret love of pop music star. He said: "I will not disclose her name, but I think Michael knows the family has a special life in him. Michael and admiration for her. Women was always at the him, go through ups and downs of life".

"I do not know they loved each other for how long. I know she has him the time, in different circumstances. But now everything depends on her wish to have a roadmap or family want to information privacy is not", Matt said.

Hand protection of the property are many martial arts schools in England that Michael does not take serious category. Matt said: "Michael is not a drug user. No cocaine or something crazy rồ similar. I know he is only using the drugs is a form".

Allegation about sexual abuse of children, Matt unbosom: "Michael is innocent and information. We never doubt Michael. We know him innocent right from the start and we think, of the engine is from this money".


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