Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mortuary Michael Jackson is largest in Artists World

Memorialize the king of pop his place in Los Angeles on 07/07/2009 is considered "the greatest show on earth", with the amount of fan attendance can be up to one million, surpassing the number of people to the mortuary nương Diana and music legend Elvis Presley.

Family decision held funeral for Michael Jackson at Stadium Staples Center, where he was training for the tour at the O2 Theater in London before sudden death.

Stadium capacity is 20,000 people and families have free tickets for 11,000 public through lottery system. In addition, about 6,500 are for fan to see the Nokia theater wall art direct the funeral.

The big screen is set outside the Stadium and Staples Center estimated about 1 million people will be present to show our regret and veneration for music super star. The ceremony will be broadcast live over the network and some entertainment channels worldwide.

Of the screen for mortuary ceremony will be operating by the xiếc animals including tigers, elephants ... Then, the legendary music and film will perform voice and remember the age of 50.

A new language for the ceremony for this event will be the "biggest show in world", as what Michael was open in 2002. When asked he thought of his mortuary to the stars, Michael said: "It is the biggest show on earth. That is what I want. Will have Fireworks and more?" The preparations for the obsequies being hurried implementation.

Guest participants will include community names in entertainment as diva Diana Ross, film legend Elizabeth Taylor and Sir Paul McCartney. One source said U.S. Barack Obama is also invited to attend funeral ceremony. He talk about the death of Michael the 02/07/2009: "I still have music by him in the iPod. I grew up with music by him".

The funeral held in the family and the company AEG hurried run. Los Angeles police are mobilized to the maximum security for the ceremony.

Scale organization and a million fans to attend, mortuary Michael Jackson are considered hoành Home and largest in the history of showbiz. Previously, when the nương Diana death in the summer of 1997, 750,000 fans have been concentrated in London. Also mortuary legendary Elvis Presley in 8 / 1977 with 80,000 people attending.


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