Friday, July 3, 2009

IPhone 3GS overheat made consumers confused

After too much complaints about the iPhone 3GS, some information technology sites said Apple has recognized this phenomenon but in fact they do not comment about the problem.

Message "Keep iPhone in allows temperature" on the Apple website and have been since quite a long time and be adjusted on 25/06/2009 in order to update to version new iPhone 3GS launch (previously notified only mentioned iPhone 3G).

This work is often led to new technologies for a new product to give advice on the level of safety does not set the phone in the car hotair to the screen to light sun...

"If Apple acknowledged the problem in 3GS iPhone, they will declare through a representative of the company, rather than quietly fix the technical notes periodically as a" CNET confirmed. IPhone photos on the color change NowhereElse of France on 26/06/2009.

Just a few days after the third generation iPhone 3GS launches, the Internet appears a report of people using iPhone 3GS that warm than the iPhone 3G, even with the iPhone photo to change to white roses. However, many other people that they have continuous game several hours to measure the ability to bear "by 3GS but also find products not hot than the other phone is.

The Apple remains silent on this caused the users can not determine the complaint are true, or that only a few rare cases or in general that iPhone 3GS customers will face.

iPhone having problems with whererea the temperature over 35 degrees C.


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