Friday, July 3, 2009

iPhone having problems with where the temperature is over 35 degrees C

Some people think Apple sporty when you see warning appears on the screen of their phone: "iPhone to be lowering the temperature before you use it".

Warning on iPhone. Photos: Apple.

Technical Apple Support sites said: "The iPhone 3G only works where the temperature between 0 º to 35 º C. Lower or higher will be the amount of time the battery down or cause the device not operating as that, as the battery charger can not, fuzzy screen, but weak".

Users should not to use iPhone in cars because the temperature may exceed the limit allowed, avoid direct contact with the sun (as when using the GPS device to detect road)...

Apple warns that if alert, users should shutdown or bring of iPhone to somewhere more cool. For example, a person in Arizona has "put the phone in between 2 glass of cold beer and it's running".


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