Saturday, July 4, 2009

Google Toolbar supports one new functions in translation

With only one click, Google Toolbar users can translate a website to many languages. Users can completely define language translation option by clicking on the select list of 41 most popular languages today as Spain, France, Italy, Germany or China, Japan, Indonesia... including the Vietnamese.

At the beginning, there will be a default language to switch to when you click the Translate button. Google Toolbar provides the ability to translate quickly with a single click.

Currently, Google Toolbar only supports this translation for the Internet Explorer browser. Users can download the toolbar at this address or 3000-12512_4-11046399.html.

Google plans to develop this useful feature for Firefox soon. Google Toolbar for Firefox does not support translation. Also, after installing Google Toolbar for IE, you are "promotional" a small application named Quick Search Box. Application Quick Search Box.

With the tool box next to the Start menu, you can make a few quick tasks such as implement an any program, visited some sites and most commonly used is to search Google.


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Le Duy said...

Google Toolbar cho Firefox có đầy đủ tính năng như bản dành cho Internet explorer. Để có phần dịch thuật, vào setting để kích hoạt translate menu và chọn ngôn ngữ mặc định nếu chưa được kích hoạt.