Friday, July 3, 2009

One other TV with the rate screen of "mad"

In the wide-screen 16:9 not really popular and everyone is you make the rate of 2,1:1 (or 19:9) of the Sony Vaio P, the manufacturer Philips has demos 56-inch LCD TV 21 9.

The system is the long length than 2.4 times the width and they are not visualize the image will be pulled if any flagged utilize all pixels by the TV program is primarily supported rate 4:3.

However, many people to use the HDTV is not from frustration because the rate of 16:9 is not lost as the black borders above and below the screen when watching movies. This is why Philips product development Cinema 21:9 first in the world, equivalent to the rate of the screen in cinemas and completely remove the black border.

Products will be present in spring 2009 but prices have not been announced.


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